tape1Pictures below will show you how any of your crazy customizing ideas can be done!

tape2First of all : find a place on your clothes, then create a stencil with adhesive paper to fix it on the clothe.

tape3Tend the t-shirt (or else)on a flat place and apply the stencil with care.

tape4Put some Allstargum all over the picture, but stay on the paper.

tape5Smooth the Allstargum with a wet finger (wet it in a mix of water and liquid soap), and cover all the blank area.

tape6When all holes are recovered, take off the stencil very slowly.


Let it dry a day. That’s all you need to become a real fashion star!

It’s not that easy, and you’ll probably miss it a couple of time, so let’s try it first on old clothes. Be carefull and do not put to much glue!


Have fun!

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  • Holly1

    Nice Tshirt. Does customs resist to washing machine???

  • AndrewBoldman

    Hi, good post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting.

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