Before using Allstargum, check that your shoes are clean (that’s the minimum requirement).

repair2Take a small recipient and put some liquid soap & water together in it.

repair3Directly put the Allstargum on the hole (not too much !).

repair4Wet your finger with the liquid soap then smooth the glue all over the hole.

repair5That’s it! (use hot water  to clean your finger).

repair6Let’s ride again with your repaired shoes!

3 commentaires
  • Jojolini2005

    How many time must we wait for « drying » and we can use the shoes after putting the gum ? One day ? Two ? More ? Less ?
    Thanks you 😉

  • Snicker

    In the video they said 24 hours… so one day might be enough!

  • Hakin

    Even after drying for 24 hours the gum was still very sticky and any and everything would stick to it – which meant that it did not hold up to much skating as it would stick to the grip tape and come off in patches… Tell what I’m doing wrong please. Is there some way to harden the surface?

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