Culture Street

Allstargum is a partner of Culture Street event by VCS

Culture Street 2009

« The VCS team will be fucking glad to meet you at Culture Street in Vitré.

Over there you will find the biggest skate park in « Bretagne », Skateboard Contest during all the day, Hip Hop Battles,  graffiti art and many more! »

So come on the 26th and 27th of June 2009 at Culture street 2009, enjoy & take it easy…

More information on (french website).


How to get my Allstargum stickers ?

To get some Allstagum stickers, send us one or more pictures related to Allstargum. Show us what you are doing with Allstargum : your best customs or your best reparations, or any picture related to Allstargum!

Send your email to and don’t forget to write your coordinates (name and address) so that we can send you your stickers!

The best pictures will be published on the website.

Allstargum stickers

The new Allstargum video

ALL STAR GUM is the only repair & custom glue not classified dangerous for the health of users and the environment.

Solvent and alcohol free!

Video by Alexis Millant.

Skate à l’Ouest Tour

Allstargum is proud to be a partner of the Skate à l’Ouest Tour event


Skate à l’Ouest Tour 2009:

Dr West presents the Skate à l’Ouest Tour 2009 : skateboard, music, dumb battles and BBQ, weekend and all night long!

Dates / Cities

Poitiers – May 9th and 10th

Limoges – May 16th and 17th

Bordeaux (street) – May 23rd and 24th

Saintes – May 30th and 31st

La Rochelle – June 6th and 7th

Bordeaux (bowl) – June 27th and 28th

Angouleme – July 4th and 5th

Périgueux– July 11th

St Leon– July 12th

Allstargum Ads

More or less old Allstargum ads published in different magazines:

Allstargum bikeAllstargum - Jon MonieAllstargum - Mini ColorAllstargum - FootAllstargum - BikerAllstargum - StreetAllstargum - Three shoe