How to get my Allstargum stickers ?

To get some Allstagum stickers, send us one or more pictures related to Allstargum. Show us what you are doing with Allstargum : your best customs or your best reparations, or any picture related to Allstargum!

Send your email to and don’t forget to write your coordinates (name and address) so that we can send you your stickers!

The best pictures will be published on the website.

Allstargum stickers

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  • milan majstorovic

    hello my name is realy like allstargum and im wonder about im can get some stickers..


  • Allstargum

    Hi Milan,
    If you wish to receive some Allstargum stickers, send us a picture of something that you’ve done with Allstargum : a reparation or a custom or whatever you want related to Allstargum.

    Send your picture(s) and we’ll do the rest!


  • lexane

    jadore tout ces marques

  • youstep

    hello i live in france and i did a video « how to fixe your shoes » so i sk you if i can get stickers even if i live in france

  • marcus berglind

    hello my name is marcus and i wonder if i can get some free stickers because i will pimp my skateboard and i hope you give me some free stickers !!
    please !! please !! and you can send them to : and i live in sweden !!

  • angel

    i live in the u.s need help in finding somewhere i can order it and that it colud be delivered to the u.s

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