Custom your t-shirt with Allstargum

tape1Pictures below will show you how any of your crazy customizing ideas can be done!

tape2First of all : find a place on your clothes, then create a stencil with adhesive paper to fix it on the clothe.

tape3Tend the t-shirt (or else)on a flat place and apply the stencil with care.

tape4Put some Allstargum all over the picture, but stay on the paper.

tape5Smooth the Allstargum with a wet finger (wet it in a mix of water and liquid soap), and cover all the blank area.

tape6When all holes are recovered, take off the stencil very slowly.


Let it dry a day. That’s all you need to become a real fashion star!

It’s not that easy, and you’ll probably miss it a couple of time, so let’s try it first on old clothes. Be carefull and do not put to much glue!


Have fun!


Repair your shoes with Allstargum

Before using Allstargum, check that your shoes are clean (that’s the minimum requirement).

repair2Take a small recipient and put some liquid soap & water together in it.

repair3Directly put the Allstargum on the hole (not too much !).

repair4Wet your finger with the liquid soap then smooth the glue all over the hole.

repair5That’s it! (use hot water  to clean your finger).

repair6Let’s ride again with your repaired shoes!